If you did not receive the OTP in the first request, tap on Resend Code, and wait for the OTP to be resent to your mobile phone.

If you still do not receive the OTP, try these solutions.

  1. Check your SMS settings to see whether messages from 63001 are blocked.
  2. Check with your service provider. There is a chance that they have blocked the "Enterprise SMS" from 63001.
  3. SMS "UNBLOCK 63001" to 63001 and try again to request the OTP code.
  4. Restart your mobile phone and try requesting the code again.

If all these steps still do not resolve your issue, please contact our customer support through the live chat in the Setel app or via email at hello@setel.com.

Please provide us with your mobile number and screenshots of the SMS "UNBLOCK 63001".