Please ensure the following before redeeming your voucher.

  1. The voucher code is entered correctly.
    Our vouchers are case-sensitive so a zero "0", lowercase "o" or uppercase "O" will all register differently.
  2. The voucher has not been redeemed before.
    If your vouchers are not bought from official sources, they may have been redeemed before being sold.
  3. The voucher is a Setel-approved voucher.
    Remember to make sure the voucher is applicable for Setel before purchasing. You can usually find this information in the terms and conditions of the voucher.

We recommend buying Setel vouchers from the PETRONAS Shop for a higher value per voucher (up to RM 300 per voucher) or for commercial drivers, you can consider applying for Cardless SmartPay.

If you still cannot redeem your top-up voucher, you might have exceeded your daily top-up redemption limit.

You can only redeem up to 4 top-up vouchers a day. The limit will reset every day at 8.00 AM (GMT+8). This limit is only applicable to vouchers that add to your wallet balance.

If you have not reached your limit or can't redeem other kinds of vouchers, contact our live chat on the Setel app/website or email for further assistance.