Tap Profile.

One tap fueling- Home.png

Tap Mesra card.

Mesra card with chevron (3).png

Tap Link now.

Link 1.png

Fill in your details then tap Link now.

Link 2.png

Your card is now linked!

Linked and Activated.png

If you would like to activate your digital Mesra Rewards card instead, you can refer to our How do I activate my digital Mesra Rewards card article.


Common reasons for card linking failure

  1. Incorrect Mesra Rewards card number
    Double-check the Mesra Rewards card number you entered during the linking process. Even a small typo can prevent a successful linking.

  2. Mesra Rewards ard linked to another Setel account
    It's possible that your Mesra Rewards card is already linked to another Setel account. This can happen if you've previously used the card with a different account.

  3. Physical Mesra Rewards card has been deactivated
    If your Mesra Rewards card has been deactivated, it won't be able to be linked to any Setel account.

  4. Mesra Rewards card was registered with different credentials
    Check if you've previously registered your Mesra Rewards card using different credentials. This could include a different phone number, email address, IC number or other account details.

If any of the above reasons seem to apply to your situation (aside from entering an incorrect Mesra Rewards card number), don't worry. You can fill in the form below and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you as soon as possible via email to help resolve the issue.