Before you engage auto assistance


Is auto assistance available for motorcycles?

Yes, we provide towing and fuel delivery services for motorcycles too!

Is battery availability guaranteed for all vehicles at any time?

Unfortunately, based on your current location and vehicle brand and/or model, there may be occasions where the battery for your vehicle may not be available due to it being out of stock or stock has been discontinued.

Can I make multiple service requests in auto assistance?

No. Only one active service request is allowed at a time. The active service must be either completed or cancelled before a new service request can be made.

How long does it take the service provider’s customer service to respond to my request for auto assistance?

Each service provider will follow the following schedule:

Bateriku: Within 2-5 minutes

What if the service provider takes too long to respond?

The service provider will do their best to respond as soon as possible though you may occasionally experience a response time of over 5 minutes that may be caused by a high number of incoming requests.

Reach out to Setel customer service if the delay is taking too long.

Why do I need to wait for the service provider to contact me?

We know the dread of anxiety when it comes to vehicle breakdowns. To give the best service tailored to your needs, the service provider will call you to fully understand your situation and to confirm details like your exact location and vehicle model.

Can I cancel the job request after the payment has been made?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.


During auto assistance repair job


How do I know when the mechanic is coming to the rescue?

Before the mechanic is dispatched, you will receive a call from the mechanic to confirm your location.

How do I identify the identity of the mechanic?

Each on-duty mechanic will wear the official uniform of the service provider.

If you doubt the identity of the mechanic, you can call the service provider directly from Setel auto assistance for verification purposes.

Why is the mechanic taking a picture of my vehicle?

This is part of the service provider’s standard procedure to ensure their mechanics have arrived at the scene and are attending to the right vehicle. This also helps to prevent any fraud cases.

Can I cancel the job request after the payment has been made?

Unfortunately, no. According to our terms and conditions, no cancellation is allowed after the payment has been made.

The mechanic says I require a different service, what happens now? How will the additional payment for the updated service be processed?

In the case of a different battery model or switching between battery replacement and jump-start

The change will be processed and will be reflected in the Setel app. If additional payment is required, you will be directed to the payment checkout before the service is resumed. However, for any partial refunds, do reach out to Bateriku at +6011-1600-8080 for further details.

In the case of services before payment or change of services other than stated above

Your current order will be cancelled and refunded (by Bateriku) and a new order will be created. We highly suggest initiating a follow-up with Setel to ensure the service is recognised by us to enjoy our rewards.

Do note that orders made outside of Setel are at your sole discretion.

Why did the mechanic recommend a different service than what I initially requested?

On further inspection, the mechanic has determined that the initial product or service might not resolve the issue. Therefore, a new solution was provided to ensure that you can get back on the road.

Can I decline the suggested change in service and stick to my original request? What if I do not agree with the service or cost?


You can choose to stick to your original request and the mechanic will do their best to resolve the issue. You can also choose to cancel the request and seek a refund from Bateriku.



Post-auto assistance repair job


Who should I call for a battery warranty claim or battery problem after the service?

If the battery replacement was done by Bateriku, please call our partner directly at +6011-1600-8080 for further assistance.

Can I reach out to Setel customer service for further assistance?

Yes. Kindly use our chatbox in the app for further assistance.

How long does it take to process refunds?

Once informed of the cancellation, Bateriku may take up to 14 business days to process your refund. Do reach out to +601116008080 for further information.