How to order Gas PETRONAS via Deliver2Me?

You can order your Gas PETRONAS via Deliver2Me on the Setel App at selected PETRONAS stations. Kindly refer below on how to order:

  1. Arrive at a selected PETRONAS station.
  2. Open your Setel App and click on Order Now in the Deliver2Me catalogue.
  3. Drive your car to the designated LPG yellow parking box.
  4. Wait in the car and our Krew PETRONAS will deliver the Gas PETRONAS cylinder to your vehicle.

Do I have to carry the Gas PETRONAS cylinder from the gas cage myself?


Our Krew PETRONAS will deliver the Gas PETRONAS cylinder to your vehicle.

Can I bring other brands of gas cylinders to refill for the Gas PETRONAS?

Of course!

You can bring any empty gas cylinder brands to refill with the Gas PETRONAS.
If you do not bring an empty gas cylinder, you will have to purchase a brand new Gas PETRONAS cylinder.

Do I earn Mesra points for this purchase?


You get to enjoy 1 Mesra point for every RM1 of Gas PETRONAS purchased.

Can I order Kedai Mesra items along with Gas PETRONAS?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for now.

If you wish to purchase other Kedai Mesra items, kindly visit the store or proceed to refuel, and place an order via Deliver2Me before you complete your fuel checkout.

What if the designated LPG parking is not free, can I wait anywhere else in the station?

Unfortunately, no.

Please wait for the other vehicle to leave before you park at the designated LPG yellow parking box.

To follow the station safety guidelines and prevent any accidents while handling Gas PETRONAS, you are required to park at the dedicated LPG yellow parking box and wait for your cooking gas to be delivered to you by our Krew PETRONAS.

Can I order from any PETRONAS Station?

We are currently expanding this feature to more stations. As for now, you can order the cooking gas via Deliver2Me at these stations:

  • PS Kota Kemuning 1
  • PS Bandar Saujana Putra
  • PS Bukit Antarabangsa
  • PS Kuarters KLIA
  • PS Tmn Pelangi Semenyih
  • PS USJ 2

What is the price to refill an empty Gas PETRONAS cylinder?

If you do not bring an empty gas cylinder, kindly purchase a new gas cylinder:

The prices are listed below:

  • LPG 12KG (Refill) - RM22.80
  • LPG 14KG (Refill) - RM26.60
  • New gas cylinder - RM80.00 (additional cost on top of your refill)