What is On-Street parking?

On-Street parking is a parking payment system that connects to the local authorities which allows you to pay for street parking or parking at the roadside within the area of the local authorities.

Why should I use the On-Street parking feature within the Setel App?

On-Street parking provides a convenient parking payment experience within the comfort of your car. With Setel’s ticketless parking payment, you only need to confirm the location, go park, and pay for your parking without worrying about getting summoned.


You can also earn Mesra points when you pay your parking fees using the Setel App.


No more coins or parking coupons needed!

How do I use the On-Street parking feature in the Setel App?

- Select 'Street Parking' under 'Parking' on the Setel app home screen.
- Tap on 'Park Now', confirm parking location and tap 'Continue'.
- Choose a vehicle for a parking session, select parking duration and pay (minimum parking duration is 1 hour).
- Check parking details in real-time through the Setel app.
- Get notified and extend parking duration through the app.
How do I add/edit vehicle information for On-Street parking payments?

You can add/edit your vehicle information when you want to make a booking for On-Street parking. Kindly refer below:


  1. Select the type of parking (street/automated)
  2. Click on the Park Now button.
  3. Select and confirm your parking location.
  4. Add/edit your vehicle information.
Can I book more than one session at a different location for the same vehicle within the active parking session?


You can book more than one session within the active parking session as long as the vehicle is registered.

Where can I view my active parking session?

You can view your active parking session through:


  1. The homepage of the Setel App. Select View details to view the active parking session card.

  2. The Street parking homepage. You can view your active parking session under Active Session. If you have more than one active parking session, you will be able to view all of your current active session details such as:

    • location of the parking.

    • parking start time and end time.

    • duration of your parking and total paid amount.

    • vehicle plate number.

How do I check the remaining duration for my Street parking?

You can check the remaining duration for your parking through:

  1. Homepage of Setel App
    If there is only one active session per parking type (automated/street), you will be able to view the timer.

    If you have more than one session, simply click on the card to view the timer for each active session. You can also view:

    • the location of the parking.

    • your parking duration, together with the start and end time.

    • the total paid amount for the parking.

    • the vehicle plate number.

    • the receipt.

  2. Street parking homepage
    You can view all of your current active parking sessions. Simply choose which parking session you wish for and view the parking session timer with the parking details.

Can I extend my parking duration?


You can extend your parking duration anytime at the active parking session card page. Click on Extend Duration at the countdown timer. You will then be prompted to authorise the transaction.


To avoid any issues, we will send you a notification 15 minutes before your booking expires as a reminder. To ensure timely delivery of these alert messages, please ensure that notifications from the Setel App are enabled.


⚠️ Once your parking duration has expired, you will no longer be allowed to extend your parking duration. You will need to book a new parking session.

How do I end my active parking session?

Your active parking session will end automatically when the countdown timer expires and your parking duration ends.

Why didn’t I receive a notification upon expiry and when my parking session ended?

Check your device’s notification settings and ensure that notifications from the Setel App are allowed.

If you have already enabled notifications but is still encountering the problem, you can contact us via:

  1. live chat through the Setel App; or

  2. email us at hello@setel.my

Do I need to display receipts on the car?

Do I need to display anything (Eg: receipts/coupons) when using the On-Street parking feature?

No paper receipts are required.


The local authorities will use your vehicle plate number to check the validity of the booking.

Are Mesra point earned?


You will be able to earn Mesra points for On-Street parking fees paid via Setel.

What are the council specific rules and parking operation hours for each council that I should be aware of?

All the councils have different rules and parking operation hours as per below: