Am I allowed to place an order with 2 merchants simultaneously?


The current build only supports 1 merchant per order. That order must be completed first before placing the next order. However, we are looking into this suggestion with Kopetro.

Can I use another email to place the order?

No. You must only use PETRONAS/KLCC email to place the order. Any other email is strictly prohibited.

I realized I have made a mistake after I have placed the order. Can I cancel or amend the order?

Unfortunately, no.

However, you may contact Kopetro to request the merchant to cancel the order by providing the order ID.

I realized I entered the wrong floor/unit. What should I do?

Contact Kopetro at +603-2181 2737 to update to the correct unit.

I received a cancellation notification via email but I don’t know which item is not available. What should I do?

Contact Kopetro to find out about the out-of-stock item. Kopetro will amend the item availability and you will need to resubmit a new order.

When can we start ordering for morning or lunch meetings?

We are exploring to provide this feature as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more updates!

I would like to lodge a complaint or share feedback, how can I do so?

You can leave your feedback for us in the Google form.