The receipt will be sent directly to your email registered with Setel after the process of paying for the purchase (fuel or from Kedai Mesra) or the top-up has been completed.

If you didn't receive the receipt in your email, please check under the junk email or spam folder. Please tag our email address as a safe sender to ensure that the emails won't be treated as spam.

However, receipts will only be sent to verified emails. If you haven't verified your email, check out our article on How to verify my email.

Once your email is verified, follow the steps below to resend the receipt.

Tap Profile.

1. Profile.png

Tap Payment history.

2. Get Setel receipt.png

You can choose receipts from the last 180 days or from specific filters. Select your filters at the top (optional).

3. Get Setel receipt.png

Tap Send to email.

4. Get Setel receipt.png

Choose either transactions from the last 180 days or your current search results (from filters) and tap Send.

5. Get Setel receipt.png

The receipt will be sent to your registered email.

6. Get Setel receipt.png