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Do note that you will need to spend a minimum of RM5 using Setel or DuitNow QR at any merchant store to unlock eVouchers. You can then choose to redeem the unlocked eVoucher. When you unlock an eVoucher, you will receive a notification.

To claim your eVouchers, tap the Rewards tab.

1. Entry.png

Scroll down to the All deals section. The lists of vouchers that are available for redemption will be displayed. Tap the voucher you want to claim.

2. Choose deals.png

Tap Redeem Now.

3. Redeem.png

Choose how many vouchers you want to redeem, then tap Confirm.

4. Confirm.png

You will see this screen if the voucher was successfully redeemed. You will need to activate your voucher to use it. You can activate it by tapping View to go to the My vouchers page. You can also go to the My vouchers page by tapping Profile and then My vouchers.

5. View.png   6. My vouchers.png

Tap on the voucher you want to use.

7. Use vouchers.png

Swipe right on the slider.

8. Slide to activate.png

Tap Yes.

9. Yes.png

Show the voucher code to the cashier to be scanned.

10. Give code.png