Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPJ)




Booking type

The booking is done either at the council level or at the particular location you selected.


Operating days / Non-operating days

Parking is chargeable on operating days and FREE on non-operating days.

Operating days: Monday to Saturday

Non-operating days: Sunday and public holidays.

Operating hours

Parking is chargeable within operating hours

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Parking charges rules

Special rules on parking charges Non-prorated charge
Eg: If the user pays for an hour at 6:25 PM, the ending time will be at 7:25 PM.


Parking charges rate

RM 0.50 per 60 minutes

1-day rate: RM 4.00

Minimum Duration

The parking booking is charged per:

  • 30 minutes

  • 60 minutes

  • Full day

60 Minutes


1-day rate: Full day

Charging Method

The parking charges are based on locations, zones or council.

Flat fee for the full council

Booking Limits

The maximum booking duration. Certain zones, locations, and councils have a maximum booking duration to handle the demand.

Maximum parking duration - 10 hours

Maximum parking charge - RM 4.00


1-day rate - All locations, 10 hours/full day (RM 4.00)

Quarantine Time

Certain zones, locations, and councils have a quarantine time between bookings to handle the demand. N/A