How does the Setel EV charging feature work?

Setel paves the way to inclusive mobility by providing a new EV (electric vehicle) charging feature.

Setel EV users can now locate their preferred charging station and the type of charger, activate the charger via the app from within their EVs, pay via Setel Wallet & earn Mesra points with every transaction.

How do I find a charging station?

Tap EV Charging on the home page.


Locate the charging stations near you.

Find Charging Station - 2.png

Tap on the arrow icon to get directions using your desired navigation app.

Find Charging Station - 3.png

You can also tap View details to learn more about the location before tapping the Get directions button to navigate to the location.

Find Charging Station - 4.png

How do I start a charging session?

When you arrive at a charging station, tap Start Charging to begin charging.

Start Charging session - 1.png

Pay close attention to the instruction banner to plug in the connector or activate the charger first. The flow varies based on chargers and locations.


If the banner states to plug in the connector first, first plug in the connector to your vehicle, then select an available charger and a compatible connector nozzle. After that, tap Activate Charger.

Plug in FIRST.png

If the banner states to activate the charger first, first select an available charger and a compatible connector nozzle, then tap on Activate Charger. After that, plug in the connector to your vehicle once the charger has been successfully activated.

Plug in later.png


Once the charger is successfully activated and the cable is plugged into your vehicle, the charging session will start.

How do I stop a charging session?

After you’ve charged your car to a desired level, you can stop charging by tapping on Stop Charging in the app or unlocking the connector from your car, car key or charger.

Stop charging session - 2.png

Remember to unplug the connector from your vehicle so that other users may use it. If you’ve brought along your own charger cable, do collect it back upon completion of charging.

Kindly ensure that the charging session has stopped completely before unplugging the connector.

How do I monitor my charging status?

After you have activated the charger, connect & plug the cable from the charger into your vehicle, and you will be able to view the charging status in the app.

What type of chargers are available on Setel?

These chargers are currently available on Setel:

  • Type 2
  • CCS 
  • CHAdeMO

What is the difference between CCS2, Type 2 and CHAdeMO?

  • Type2 - An AC slow charging only suited for hybrid PHEV and also full BEV cars with CCS ports.
  • CCS2 - A DC charging connector usually at DCFC chargers with (Combined Charging System) that can allow EV cars to use either a CCS2 (fast)/ Type2 (slow) charging if necessary.
  • CHAdeMO -A DC connector only for Japanese EV cars like Nissan Leaf & incompatible with Type2/CCS2 port so it's quite rare. Available only at DCFC units & not AC wall chargers.

What do the charger power levels listed mean?

The power level indicates the maximum charging power the charger can deliver to the vehicle.

I am not a Setel user. Will I be able to use the EV charging feature?

Unfortunately, this feature is only available to Setel users.

Will a charging cable be provided at the charging station?

A cable will be provided at locations with DC Fast Chargers. At locations with AC Slow Chargers, you will need to bring your own charging cable.

We highly encourage you to bring along your own cable at all times as a contingency.

Is there a minimum charging time required?

There is no minimum charging time required to use the electric vehicle (E)V charging feature. Rates are based on the charging duration or kWh depending on the charging station

Is there a maximum charging time?

There is no maximum charging time.

However, as other EV users need to charge their vehicles, you can be considerate to others by parking your vehicle at the dedicated bay and disconnecting your cable right after you've completed charging.

How is my charging session calculated?

Rates are based on the charging duration or kWh or a combination of both depending on the charging station. Time-based charges are charged by blocks similar to parking.

Time-based charges

Since time-based charges are charged by blocks, whenever you enter a new block it will be rounded up and calculated into your cost.


Total charging time Total charging cost
5 minutes RM 0.10 x 5 minutes = RM 0.50
5 minutes 11 seconds (6 minutes) RM 0.10 x 6 minutes = RM 0.60

RM 0.10/min is the rate for the Suria KLCC charger. The additional charge of RM0.10 in the second row is because the rate is calculated at the start of the minute (1 block is 1 minute). Since each block is a minute, even if it is 1 second after the minute, it will be considered a new block and you will be charged for the additional minute.


Energy-based charges


Total energy charged Total charging cost

65.055 kWh

RM 1.50 x 65.055 kWh = RM 97.58 (rounded down from RM 97.5825)

24.619 kWh

RM 1.50 x 24.619 kWh = RM 36.93 (rounded up from RM 36.9285)

RM 1.50/kWh is the rate for XPark Sunway Serene charger. The final value will be rounded up or down based on the final calculation.


Combined charges

For a combination of both time and energy charges, the calculation is the same. The final value of both charges will be calculated and combined to get the total charging cost.

How will I know if an EV charging station is available?

You will be able to locate the closest EV charging station to you in the app. We are working continuously to enhance your experience so that you can check on the availability of a charging station.

Stay tuned to our social media channels or website for updates!

What payment methods can I use for EV charging on Setel?

You can pay for EV charging on Setel by using your Setel Wallet or credit/debit card. View and switch to your available payment options by tapping on the payment bar.

Change Payment Method.png

How many Mesra points can I earn when I pay for EV charging on Setel?

You can earn 1 Mesra point for every RM5 transaction.

How do I check the EV charging rates?

Charging rates are calculated based on the charger type (AC/DC), time usage and kWh at each location.

You can find the charging rate by tapping EV Charging on the home page.

Charging rates - 1.png

Search your preferred charging station.

Charging rates - 2.png

Tap on View Details to view the charging rates per connector.

Charging rates - 3.png




What should I do if there is an error while charging my EV?

Refresh the process by locking and unlocking the car, restarting the app, and trying again. Make sure you are following the instructions on the banner, whether to plug in the connector or activate the charger first.

Most issues can be resolved by restarting the process. If you are still facing an error you can contact our customer support via the live chat on the Setel app/website or at

Why can't I cancel the charging session?

The charging session cannot be cancelled at this particular moment.

Please let the charging session begin and then tap Stop charging to end the session instead.

Stop charging session - 2.png

If you still cannot cancel the charging session, contact our customer support via the live chat on the Setel app/website or at

Why can't I start the charging session?

Different stations have different procedures on how to start a charging session. Make sure you are following the instructions on the banner, whether to plug in the connector or activate the charger first.




If you still cannot start a charging session, contact our customer support via the live chat on the Setel app/website or at

Why does it say payment pending?

The app will display the payment pending status when there is an issue processing the payment. This can be due to an insufficient Setel Wallet balance, an issue with your bank card, or other technical/connection issues.

If you are facing this issue, you can leave the charging area first. We will reach out to you if the payment is not processed.

Why was my card declined?

A declined card (or payment authorisation error) might have occurred because:

  1. there is insufficient balance on your card.
  2. the card details are incorrect or have expired.
  3. you have exceeded the limit on your credit/debit card.
  4. the issuing bank has blocked the card.
  5. the payment method is blocked for security reasons.

Please retry after updating your card details and ensuring you have not reached the card limit. If you have hit your purchase limit, please try again tomorrow when your limit resets. Alternatively, you can try a different payment method or a different credit/debit card.

If your card is still declined, please get in touch with your issuing bank for further assistance.

If you are still experiencing a payment error or have any concerns, please contact us via live chat through the Setel app/website or email at

Does EV charging have a pre-authentication hold for credit or debit cards?

Yes, it applies to both credit cards and debit cards.

It is a temporary hold of RM50 where the remainder after the charging session will be automatically refunded. The duration may take up to 14 business days for some cases as it varies based on the respective banks.

Why does the charging duration differ between the receipt and the timer screen?

The timer in the app is an approximate charging duration. When the Stop Charging is tapped on the app, the charging station may take some time to respond, resulting in a difference in the charging duration. However, the final actual duration of the charging session will be shown on the receipt.

Why the charging session does not automatically stop after the car has been fully charged?

Unfortunately, the process to stop charging is not automatic. You will need to tap Stop Charging in the app and disconnect the cable to avoid additional fees.