What are the available locations for the On-Street Parking feature with Setel?

On-Street parking with Setel is currently available at the Majlis Bandaraya Subang Jaya (MBSJ), Majlis Perbandaran Kuala Langat (MPKL), and Majlis Perbandaran Teluk Intan (MPTI) area.


More locations will be available soon!

Why am I unable to view certain areas and parking sites?

We are currently serving parking sites under the below councils:

  1. Bandaraya Subang Jaya (MBSJ)
  2. Majlis Perbandaran Kuala Langat (MPKL)
  3. Majlis Perbandaran Teluk Intan (MPTI)


We are working continuously with our partners to add more areas and parking sites.


Stay tuned for more updates!

How can I automatically identify available parking locations within the Setel App?

To enable automatic location, you will need to turn on your GPS and allow location access.


Once your location is enabled, the app will automatically display the available parking locations nearby.