What is Family Wallet?

Family Wallet is a feature that allows you to form a group with your family and friends to share a payment method.

How do I activate Family Wallet?

You can refer to our How do I activate Family Wallet article.

How many people can I invite to the Family Wallet group?

You can now add up to 5 members per Family Wallet depending on your Mesra membership tier

  • Junior: Maximum of 2 members.
  • Explorer: Maximum of 3 members.
  • Hero: Maximum of 5 members.

Why can't I add more members to my Family Wallet when I have space?

You will not be able to send invites if you use up your invitation limit. Every account will have a maximum of 5 invites.

An invite will be used when someone accepts and joins your Family Wallet. Once an invite has been used, it will only be regenerated after 3 months.

What will happen if my Mesra membership level drops next month?

You will not be able to add additional members (if the maximum limit is reached) but you will retain your existing members unless you remove them.

  1. Owners can only add the maximum number of members per their current membership level.
    In January, owner A was at the Hero level and only added 2 members, but in February his membership level dropped to the Junior level. In this scenario, he will not be able to add more than 2 members (the maximum number of members for the Junior level) to his Family Wallet.
  2. Owners whose membership level has dropped can retain their existing members in Family Wallet.
    In January, owner B was at the Hero level and successfully added 5 members, but in February, he dropped to the Explorer/Junior level. In this scenario, he will retain the 5 members in his Family Wallet unless he removes them. If they are removed, they can only be re-added once he levels up and increases the maximum number of seats. If he removes any member while exceeding the maximum number of seats allowed for his tier, a warning will appear.

Remove_member.png Error_message.png

Can I use this feature to pay for items at the Kedai Mesra?


You can use Family Wallet to purchase fuel, snacks, and other in-store purchases.

Can I delete a Family Wallet group?

Only Family Wallet owners can delete their Family Wallet group.

Who will earn the Mesra points gathered?

All Mesra points earned through transactions under Family Wallet will be assigned to the Family Wallet owner’s Mesra Card.

How will Family Wallet group owners get notified?

The owner will receive notifications made by members in real time on the Setel app.

Is Family Wallet safe?


All of our business operations are regulated by the relevant e-money regulators and guidelines to ensure the safety & security of our customers.

Can I be a member of more than 1 Family Wallet group?


Users can only join one Family Wallet group at a time.

Can the Family Wallet owner and members see the payment history?

Owners can see all of the transactions made while members can only see their own transactions.

Can I leave a Family Wallet group?


For members, you can ask the group owner to remove you or send a removal request to our customer support in the Setel app.
For owners, you will need to go to your Family Wallet homepage. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner and then click Delete.

Can Family Wallet be used by a non-Setel user?


Family Wallet owners can only invite existing Setel users to join their Family Wallet.

For non-Setel users, the Family Wallet owner can create a Setel account for them. Once the members download the Setel app, they will immediately be added to the Family Wallet.

As a Family Wallet owner, is it possible for me to join another Family Wallet group as a member?


Users can only join one Family Wallet group at a time.

As a Family Wallet owner, can I use my member's wallet balance?


This feature only allows Family Wallet members to use the owner's wallet balance.

As a member, will I earn the Mesra points if I use Family Wallet for fuel purchases?


All Mesra points earned through transactions under Family Wallet will be assigned to the Family Wallet owner’s Mesra card.

If I am a member, will a Family Wallet transaction use my personal Setel Wallet linked to my own Setel account?


Family Wallet uses a shared wallet which is separate from a member’s personal Setel Wallet.

Just remember to select Family Wallet as the payment method when you pay for fuel, snacks, and other online or in-store purchases via the Setel app.