How do I renew my road tax?

  1. Check the road tax renewal criteria to make sure you meet all of the criteria.
  2. Enter the owner and vehicle details.
  3. Complete payment and your road tax will be available on the MyJPJ application within 24 hours after approval from JPJ.

Why is there no option for physical Road tax?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide physical Road tax due to insufficient stock from JPJ.

How long will it take to get my road tax on the MyJPJ app?

Your road tax should appear on the MyJPJ app within 24 hours upon approval from JPJ.

What if the car that I’m driving is not registered under my name?

You can keep a copy of the digital road tax (obtained from the MyJPJ app) so that you can show the road tax when requested by the authorities.

However, even if you do not have a copy of it, it is not against the law. The authorities can check for the details on their gadgets.

Can I renew the road tax for a company-owned car?

At present, this feature only extends to private vehicles (cars and motorcycles) owned by Malaysians.

Other vehicles (commercial, company owned) will come later.

Can I choose to print the road tax sticker at a later date after choosing digital road tax?

Yes, but you will need to go to a JPJ kiosk to print the road tax sticker.

How much is it to renew my road tax?

You will have to pay the handling/delivery and service fee to renew your road tax with Setel.

We charge RM12 for the digital road tax renewal.

  • Service fee - RM3
  • Handling fee - RM 9

When can I view my digital road tax in MyJPJ?

You will be able to view your digital road tax on the MyJPJ app within 24 hours upon approval from JPJ.

However, in case of any technical glitches from the MyJPJ app, you can go to the successful payment page and tap on the View Receipt button to view the receipt.

Alternatively, you can also check your transaction history on the Setel app. You can refer to our how-to guide on how to check your payment history to check your recent transactions.