What is the campaign period?

The campaign period is from 15 March to 30 September 2023.

How do I receive the RM20 cashback?

After successfully purchasing a battery replacement via the “24/7 auto assistance” feature on the Setel app, you will directly receive the RM20 cashback into your Setel account within 14 working days.

This order and battery replacement must be completed by a Bateriku service personnel. Orders that have been cancelled then re-ordered via platforms other than Setel will not be eligible for this campaign.

How would I know if I have received the RM20 cashback in my Setel account?

Within 14 working days from the payment date, tap More > Payment History in the Setel app to confirm you have received your RM20 cashback.

Will the RM20 cashback expire?

The cashback will not expire and will be eligible for use as long as your Setel account remains active.

Where can I use the earned RM20 cashback?

Setel cashback can be used to purchase fuel, shop at Setel Pay online and offline merchants, purchase items in Kedai Mesra, or even pay for other features in Setel such as parking fees, auto assistance, motor insurance, EV charging as well as Deliver2Me.

Is there a limit to the number of times a user can receive the RM20 cashback?

There is no limit. You are eligible for RM20 cashback for every car battery replacement purchased during the campaign period.