How will the point be granted if I have Setel account?

If the phone number you entered is registered with Setel, the points will be granted to the Mesra card that is linked to your Setel account.

What if I haven't registered a Setel account?

A digital Mesra card will be generated for your phone number and the points will be granted to that digital Mesra card after the fuel purchase.

How do I use Mesra points if I don't have a Setel account?

You will need to register a Setel account and activate your digital Mesra card via Setel in order to use the collected Mesra points.

What do I do if I have a physical card and my Setel account has a digital card?

You are recommended to link your physical card to your Setel account so that any purchases made using Setel or digital Mesra card using your Setel account phone number will be granted to your Setel account.

Can I share my phone number with my family members to collect points from their purchases?

You are not recommended to do so in order to prevent your card from being blocked for fraud suspicion. We suggest your family members create and register their own Mesra card so they can collect points from their purchases.

Can I collect points using a digital Mesra card for cash/counter purchases?

Yes, give your phone number linked to the digital Mesra card to the cashier to enter and the points will be credited. Please ensure the phone number is correct to avoid any issues.

We recommend using our Setel app as any points earned from purchases will automatically be added to your account. For cash/counter purchases, you can also show your Mesra barcode for the cashier to scan and your Mesra points will be added to your Setel account.

Do note that your card needs to be first activated (for digital Mesra card) or linked (for physical Mesra card) for the Mesra barcode to work.

The screen says I cannot redeem my points because the card is not registered. What should I do?

You need to register your phone number with Setel either via the app or website and set up a passcode for redemption.

Why does the screen show my card as frozen/blocked/closed and what should I do?

Problem Solution
Card is not activated
You can activate your card through the Setel app or the Mesra website.
Card is frozen/blocked/closed Please contact Mesralink at 1-300-22-8888 for resolution.

What should I do if I enter the wrong phone number?

You can contact us and provide proof the points were granted to the wrong phone number. We will do our best to help you.

What do I need to redeem Mesra points using my mobile number?

  1. Set up a 6-digit passcode via the Setel app or the Setel web.
  2. Activate your Mesra card (either physical or digital).
  3. Have at least 100 Mesra points balance in your account.

Does earning Mesra points via the outside payment terminal (OPT) contribute towards the membership tier level?

No, Mesra points earned through mobile number input at the OPT will not contribute towards the membership tier.

Do I get bonus points if I earn points using a mobile number at the outside payment terminal (OPT)?

No, only the base point of 1L = 1 Mesra point will be granted.

Am I eligible for any campaigns or badges in Setel if I earn points using my mobile number at the outside payment terminal (OPT)?

No, only transaction made via the Setel app is eligible for marketing campaigns.